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Multilinguist Culture

We follow the policy of “Continuous improvement”, which in Japanese business philosophy is known as KAIZEN.

We believe in letting our staff come out with weirdest ideas, experiment with softwares/applications and keep searching/researching either online or offline and contribute directly or indirectly to our productivity.

And needless to say, none of their efforts go unrewarded. It may be a monetary gift, a material gift, or an ex-gratia salary raize etc.
We never pressurize our team-members to work overtime. And if they do, their efforts are compensated by additional hourly payment.
In an nutshell, it's a place where creativity, individuality, and diverse opinions are valued and rewarded, among other things, with exceptional benefits.

Annual bonus and annual salary increments are a mandatory part of our work culture.

The end result is a very happy and satisfied staff.
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