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Indian Translation Agencies

Indian translation agencies and rise of Multi-linguist : A Perspective
Indian Translation agencies have been in the business of translation from last forty years. Multilinguist has been the late entrant in the business with a fresh perspective of Language Translation Outsourcing. People call this magical phenomenon language translation outsourcing, website translation, language translation India and many more .

The cause of success of Indian translation agencies has many factors at their disposal:

Indian translation agencies have a wider networking with the worldwide translators.

Indian translation agencies have TIME-ZONE advantage with them in dealing with American agencies and U.K. agencies (translation agencies in England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland), which gives them time leverage in serving their clients.

Indian translation agencies also have an advantage of currency exchange rate which translates into reasonable cost saving for clients.

Not many Indian translation agencies have been found successfull in extracting the advantage of language outsourcing because of their inefficiency as per the expectations of translation outsourcing requierments:

1. Quality : Maintaining consistency and quality has always been a tougher task in the language translation industry when speed is a constraint. Multilinguist takes special care of getting translation jobs proofreading twice.

2. Speed : In this era of translation outsourcing if you cannot reply to client e-mails quick and do the jobs within the committed time your translation business suffers.

3. Translation Ethics : Handling translators, both inhouse and freelancer (full-time freelance and part-time freelance) and maintaining transparency in costing and payments can be a great asset to any translation agency.

Only by strictly following the abovementioned principles Multi-Linguist has become a known brand name in the Translation Industry and among the top namesin the Indian translation agencies.

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