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Terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use
Multilinguist grants permission to access and view this Multilinguist website and to electronically copy and to print in hard copy portions of this website for the sole purpose of information and reference. Any other use of materials on this website including reproduction for purposes other than those noted above, or any modification, distribution, or republication without the prior written permission of Multilinguist is strictly prohibited.

All rights are reserved with respect to all information, text, photographs, designs, graphics, images, sound and video recordings, animation and other materials and effects (including logos) that are protected by copyrights, trademarks, service marks, or other intellectual or proprietary rights owned by Multilinguist, or other third parties and contained in this Multilinguist website. Customers and users acknowledge and agree that these rights belong to their respective owners and are protected in all forms, media and technologies existing now or hereinafter developed.

Computer Software - Any computer software which may be downloaded or is otherwise available from the website is licensed subject to the terms of its associated license agreement only, unless expressly stated otherwise. EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY WARRANTED IN THE ASSOCIATED LICENSE AGREEMENT, MULTILINGUIST DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS WITH REGARD TO THE SOFTWARE, INCLUDING ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NON-INFRINGEMENT.

Third Party Materials on the Multilinguist website

The website may contain materials, including software in executable or source code form, which is submitted by third parties for inclusion on the Multilinguist website ("Third Party Materials"). Please be advised that Multilinguist has not independently tested or evaluated such Third Party Materials and provides them on this Web site merely as a service to its users. ALL THIRD PARTY MATERIALS ON THE Multilinguist WEBSITE ARE PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NON-INFRINGEMENT. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, Multilinguist DISCLAIMS ALL LIABILITY FOR ANY CLAIMS, DEMANDS, SUITS OR ACTIONS, UNDER ANY THEORY OF LIABILITY, ARISING OUT OF THE USE OR ATTEMPTS TO USE SUCH THIRD PARTY MATERIALS.
Use of Information and Privacy
Multilinguist shall not use for any purpose whatsoever any personal information about individuals except when specifically and knowingly authorized to do so by such individuals other than to provide services described on this Multilinguist website and the distribution of its monthly newsletter. Examples of such information are name, postal address, email address, phone number, birthdays, and product commentary. Multilinguist may share non-personal aggregate, or summary, information regarding its customers with partners or other third parties, but Multilinguist shall not sell, rent, or loan any identifiable information regarding its customers to any third party. The nature of the work performed and any information transmitted to Multilinguist by customers shall be confidential. Multilinguist shall not divulge or otherwise disclose such information to any person or third party without the prior written consent of the customer. This provision shall not apply to the extent Multilinguist is required by law to divulge such information or to the extent such information is or becomes a matter of public knowledge other than by disclosure by Multilinguist.

Service Agreement :
These Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between the Client and Multilinguist regarding services rendered or to be rendered by Multilinguist. In the event of conflict with any communications, proposals, contracts, marketing materials, or agreements, these Terms and Conditions shall control. Submission of source materials (as defined below) constitutes acceptance of all these terms and conditions.

1.1 "Multilinguist" means Multilinguist
1.2 "Client" means the individual or business entity that executes this contract.
1.3 "Source Materials" means the documents, materials, and other items furnished to Multilinguist for translation hereunder.
1.4 "Deliverable" means the final, translated version of the Source Materials provided by Multilinguist to the Client.

Multilinguist reserves the right to adjust pricing and/or delivery estimates upon receipt and evaluation of the final Source Materials to be translated. Clients shall be advised by Multilinguist of the estimate of additional charges or change of delivery date prior to performing the translation.

Unless the Client provides an "Approved Glossary" and instructs Multilinguist to use it for the job at hand, Multilinguist shall translate specialized terms by their usual and conventional meanings, and otherwise make decisions based on Multilinguist's standard production procedures. All Source Materials shall be legible and shall be delivered to Multilinguist in such format(s) and such time as Multilinguist shall specify. Multilinguist shall not be responsible for delay in delivery due to failure to deliver any Source Materials in a timely manner or proper format.

All modifications or additions to the Source Materials shall be submitted to Multilinguist clearly indicating changes and where they occur in relation to the previously submitted copy. Pricing and scheduling for incorporation of Source Material modifications or additions into the target language translation(s) in progress shall be determined based on extent and implication of changes and percentage of work already completed. Client shall be advised by Multilinguist of the estimate of additional charges before the changes or additions are made by Multilinguist.

Multilinguist shall correct the following errors free of charge:
Outright mistranslation, omission, typo, grammatical mistake, non-adherence to any approved glossary. Client agrees that Multilinguist shall have no liability or obligation regarding errors in translations unless Multilinguist receives written notification of the error(s) within fifteen (15) days following delivery of the Deliverable to Client. Multilinguist's sole obligation with respect to errors shall be the obligation to correct the Deliverable at no cost to Client.

Delivery dates:
Delivery dates shall not be valid unless they have been expressly confirmed by Multilinguist in writing. Should a delay in delivery by Multilinguist occur, Multilinguist shall first be granted a reasonable additional period for completion. Only upon expiration of this additional period without completion of performance shall the customer be entitled to demand cancellation of the contract or reduction of the price. Any further claims are excluded. The customer remains liable for payment for the work performed by Multilinguist up to the time of the customer's notice of cancellation. The customer shall not be entitled to claim cancellation or reduction if the delay is due to force majeure or other circumstances over which Multilinguist has no control. A job is considered delivered when Multilinguist either emails it to the Client, or emails a notification that it has been uploaded to the Multilinguist FTP site for download by the Client.

Multilinguist shall not be liable for any incidental, special, or consequential damages or loss of any nature whatsoever, nor for any claim against Client by any other person or entity, arising from or relating to services rendered by Multilinguist, regardless of the nature of the claim or the form of the cause of action, whether in contract or in tort, or otherwise, and even if Multilinguist has been advised of the possibility of such damages, anything contained in related proposals and other documentation notwithstanding. Multilinguist shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to, nor the return of, any Source Materials.

Multilinguist represents and warrants that it shall perform the translation in a manner consistent with its standard production procedures. Client represents and warrants (i) that it owns or is licensee of the Source Materials and all components thereof, and (ii) that translation of the Source Material and publication, distribution, sale or orther use of the Deliverable shall not infringe upon any copyright, trademark, patent, or other right of any third party.

The foregoing warranties of Multilinguist are in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Multilinguist makes no warranty that use of the Deliverables or use of any information relating thereto or contained therein shall not infringe any patent, copyright, or trade secret or any other proprietary right of any third party.

In the event that Client breaches this Agreement, Multilinguist shall have the right to terminate whereupon Client shall pay the full purchase price provided hereunder for the services completed and for all work in progress. In the event that Multilinguist breaches this Agreement, Client shall have the right to terminate whereupon Multilinguist shall return to Client all Source Materials and data supplied by Client together with all translated product that exists as of the date of termination and Client shall pay the full purchase price provided hereunder for the services completed and for all work in progress. Neither party shall be deemed to be in breach or default of any provision of this Agreement by reason of a delay or failure in performance due to any causes beyond
its control.

All right, title and interest in and to the Source Materials and, except as hereunder provided, the Deliverables, and any and all patent rights, copyright, know-how, and trade secrets therein are and remain the sole and exclusive property of Client. Notwithstanding the above, Client acknowledges that Multilinguist is the sole and exclusive owner of all right, title, and interest in and to all
(i) methodology, information, software, and databases used in translating the Source Materials, and
(ii) inventions, methodology, innovations, know-how, and databases developed by Multilinguist in the course of translating the Source Materials, including any and all patent rights, copyrights, know-how, and trade secrets therein. Provided that the Deliverables and copyright, know-how and trade secrets therein shall remain the property (but not the risk) of Multilinguist until Multilinguist shall have been paid in full for such Deliverables.

The nature of the work performed and any information transmitted to Multilinguist by Client shall be confidential. Multilinguist shall not without the prior consent of client, divulge or otherwise disclose such information to any person other than authorized employees or authorized subcontractors of Multilinguist whose job performance requires such acts. The provisions of this paragraph shall not apply to the extent Multilinguist is required by law to divulge such information or to the extent such information is or becomes a matter of public knowledge other than by disclosure by Multilinguist.

Client shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Multilinguist, its owners, directors, officers, employees, representatives, agents, successors and assigns from and against any and all losses, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees, resulting from, arising out of or incident to any suit, claim or demand based on (i) the performance of this Agreement by either party, (ii) Client's breach of the covenants, representations and warranties made by it herein, (iii) the manufacture, advertisement, promotion, sale or distribution of any items by Client, (iv) any taxes and from any duties, levies, tariffs, or like fees that may be imposed by any government or collective authority upon manufacture, advertisement, promotion, use, import, licensing or distribution of items by Client, or (v) any claim that any element of the Deliverable infringes any copyright, trademark, patent, or other proprietary right.

Payment methods shall be by either of the following methods. (i)Where no credit arrangement has been agreed between Multilinguist and its customer payment shall be made by credit card using encryption communications ensuring that credit card details are passed in a secure format. Credit card details shall be recorded by Multilinguist when customers first register an order. Customers shall be required to register their credit card number when registering subsequent orders for validation by Multilinguist. Multilinguist shall transact payments with the appropriate credit card companies in all instances. Where non-validation occurs, customers shall be contacted by Multilinguist for order confirmation and payment details prior to the translation process. (ii) Where credit arrangements have been agreed between Multilinguist and its customer, the customer shall make payments to Multilinguist for all agreed services within thirty (30) days of receiving a valid invoice from Multilinguist. Such invoices are usually distributed by Multilinguist to the Client via email.
If the Client is late in making payment, Multilinguist is entitled to charge interest at the rate of 2 % per month or part thereof until the entire amount due is received. The customer alone is liable for payment; payments by other parties shall be accepted conditionally, only if they are received on time in the full amount of the invoice and the identity of the customer, the invoice number and the order number are clearly recognizable. The customer has no right to retain any portion of a payment. The customer may not offset an invoice against other claims unless these are undisputed or legally enforceable.
Should Multilinguist need to engage the services of a law firm, solicitor, or debt collection agency to assist in the collection of the payment from the Client, then the client agrees to pay Multilinguist the full costs and commissions charged by the law firm, solicitor, or debt collection agency for such services plus an additional administration fee of US$2,000 to compensate Multilinguist for the additional administrative and management time required to collect the outstanding payment.

This Agreement shall be governed by, enforced and construed in accordance with the laws of the United States of America.
Machine Translation Services Disclaimer
Lawful use
Multilinguist Machine Translation Services ("Services") are provided on the condition that:
(i) You use the Services for lawful purposes only. You therefore undertake not to use the Services to translate any of the following: defamatory, obscene or other unlawful material or information; and/or confidential or proprietary information, including trademarks or copyrighted information, belonging to a third party, without the express authorization of the rights holder in question.
(ii) You agree to indemnify Multilinguist for all claims relating to your use of the Services, and/or the reproduction or transmission of the material translated.

No review - Multilinguist does not review the documents which you submit for machine translation. You are entirely responsible for the content of the documents and the implications of the translation thereof.

No assistance - Multilinguist does not provide any assistance, including technical or customer support, in the use of the Services. Any use of the Services is at your own risk.

No responsibility for defects/loss - Although Multilinguist uses all reasonable efforts in providing the Services, Multilinguist accepts no responsibility for the results of any errors, defects and/or risks associated with the Services, including the risk that:

  • a document or its text may be lost or damaged in transmission over the Internet; and/or
  • the confidentiality of a document transmitted over the Internet may be breached.
    No responsibility for accuracy

Because of the complexities of the human language, and the possibility of a number of different translations and interpretations of particular words and phrases, there are inherent limitations in machine translations. Multilinguist therefore recommends that you examine and verify the translation resulting from use of the Services, and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy thereof.
The warranty and remedies set forth herein are exclusive and in lieu of all others, oral or written, express or implied. No Multilinguist dealer, distributor, agent or employee is authorized to make any modifications or additions to this warranty.
Limitation of Liability
In no event will Multilinguist be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, economic or consequential damages arising out of the use of the Services, including, but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, business, goodwill, data, business interruption, or other pecuniary loss. Multilinguist reserves the right to:

  • Modify or discontinue the Services;
  • Limit, terminate or suspend your use of the Services; and/or
  • Impose additional charges for use of the Services.
  • Quote for Human Translation Disclaimer
  • To assist Multilinguist users make a decision to have a document professionally human translated, Multilinguist provides an instant quote service on our website and as part of our various translation tools and technologies.
  • Due to the construction and nature of many electronic documents, these quotes cannot be guaranteed to by 100% accurate at all times. As such the quotes are a guide only, are not to be relied on by the user, and are not binding until they are accepted by Multilinguist. If inaccuracies in the quote are found for any reason, Multilinguist reserves the right to amend the quote. Multilinguist will signal its acceptance of the job and the quote by charging the customer's credit card.
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