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Multilingual Proofreading

At Multilinguist, we offer considerable experience in dealing with even the most complex typesetting and printing requirements. We can handle any level of production, from a single business card through to the most complex projects involving many languages and requiring expert artwork and typesetting.
  • Do you need marketing materials in Spanish, Slovak or Swedish?
  • Are you exhibiting in Malaysia, Mexico or Morocco?
  • Do you need operating manuals in Thai, Turkish or Tagalog?
  • Do you need training materials in Farsi, Finnish or French?
Most printing companies do not have the expertise or the relevant software or fonts to deal with materials in other languages. We have all the software and fonts necessary to deal with any language, including those that are right-to-left, such as Arabic and Urdu, and those with complex font requirements such as Bengali, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Multilingual desktop publishing process includes the following:
  • Localization Kit Review, Analysis and Preparation
  • Project Kick-Off Meeting
  • Format, Edit and Proofread all Text
  • Format, Edit and Proofread all Graphics
  • Client Review and Approval
  • Final QA
  • Project Delivery
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