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Transcription/Typing Services

Converting into text format from an audio/video format
Multilinguist is a provider of general transcription services, that stand out for their cost-effectiveness and timeliness. We cater to: Typing, Audio-to-text, Video-to-text service.

Transcription Styles
The three kinds of transcription styles we can process are:
  • Verbatim - The utterances of the speakers are unedited and includes hmm’s, ah’s, and includes stutters, repetitions or distracting speech such as, “I see” “yeah” “maybe”. The speakers may pause, laugh or cry, and there may be interruptions and comments, including noises of the traffic outside or any other external noise. This style of transcription is mainly used for legal purposes.
  • Smooth Verbatim - Based on customers preferences, the hmm’s, ah’s can be eliminated, but the slang’s and emotions of the speakers are included into the transcript. This style is used mainly for - Interviews and Focus groups, Business meetings, Presentations, Conferences etc.
  • Content - This style requires corrections in the grammar and eliminates interrupting comments from the interviewer and slang’s are corrected or eliminated, personal comments if any are also omitted. The end use of this style of transcript is to summarize a discussion.
In general, we have to follow the client’s instruction, and ensure that the accuracy of the transcript is at least 98% (unless, of course, it is impossible)

Turnaround time - The turnaround time varies depending on the duration of the audio, the quality of the audio, and the speed with which the person/people have spoken. It may vary from 3-8 hours per 30 minutes of recording, accordingly.

Languages we handle - We can provide transcription service in, not all, but some specific Indian/Asian/European languages only.

Costing/Charges -These are invariably chargeable on hourly basis, billed on the time consumed by the transcriptionist.
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